City of Leipzig

Wurzener Land

The city of Leipzig is a central component of the metropolitan region of Central Germany.

Leipzig is currently the fastest-growing city in Germany with 2% annual growth. The significant population growth, which goes hand in hand with corresponding economic growth, is fundamentally changing the framework conditions in many areas.

As a result of expansion, Leipzig is no longer in a position to place all the necessary compensatory measures from construction activity in its own area. It must access the surrounding area in order to meet its obligations there; at the same time it needs drinking water, food and climate protection services from this surrounding area.

Leipzig must therefore go beyond its administrative and political responsibilities and build partnerships with the surrounding municipalities and rural areas.

The Wurzener Land consists of the municipalities Thallwitz, Lossatal and Bennewitz as well as the city of Wurzen. Due to the population growth of the city of Leipzig, the influx into the surrounding municipalities, which are directly connected to Leipzig by S-Bahn and regional train, is also increasing.

In the future, the provision of services for the population will no longer be the responsibility of individual municipalities alone. Therefore it is crucial for them to coordinate their supply strategies and divide their work. They therefore intend to develop a comprehensive urban-rural partnership as well as individual integrated urban/community development concepts.

The cooperation of the municipalities Thallwitz, Lossatal, Bennewitz and the city of Wurzen within the framework of the intercommunal community in “Wurzener Land” is an efficient way to implement many important projects which one municipality alone could not achieve.

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