Fields of work

The project WERTvoll is developing practical solutions for:


Healthy and regional food for the metropolis of Leipzig.


Improved quality of ground and drinking water for the metropolis of Leipzig.


Climate protection through optimised resource management and combined material flows.


Reduction of rededication through production-integrated compensation.

  • Inter-municipal organisational structures that efficiently link the city and its surroundings.
  • Regional climate protection that efficiently links city and countryside.
  • Implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive (for Saxony) both for
    1. the improvement of raw water quality (groundwater/drinking water), as well as
    2. water body renaturation and flood prevention.
  • Healthy and regional food for Leipzig and the surrounding area.
  • Protection of agricultural land through production-integrated compensation.
  • More biodiversity and a functional biotope network.
  • Development of educational modules for schools and kindergartens.
  • Increasing regional (added) value and associated jobs in the region.
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